You can download Omnius and use some of its features for free, while these features are paid:

Omnius is paid using prepaid time licenses, which allow you to perform specific operations. Time license validity starts only after it's first usage.

For unlock of S1-QSD8250, S1-MSM7227 and S1-MSM7x30 Android based Xperia phones (X8, W8, X10, X10 mini, etc.) you need buy Android ulock license.

Omnius support Xperia phones only till manufacturing week 12w14 (14th week of year 2012). You can find manufacturing week on your phone's sticker:

User account sharing is strictly prohibited and its usage is limited for one computer / installation. Once you log in to Omnius from one computer, you cannot log in with the same account from another one. Violating these conditions will result in a temporary account ban.

If you wish to use Omnius on more than one computer, use separate Omnius user account for each of them.

Standard Omnius time licenses

Standard Omnius licenses can be used to perform any supported operations on all supported models, however Sony Ericsson Android unlocks are additionally paid using Supreme credits. Longer licenses includes some free Sony Ericsson Android unlocks as a bonus.

License name Purchase price Price for unlocking SE Android phone +
1 Day License 7,80 € 0.85 Supreme credits 9.35 - 12.55 € **
1 Month License
1 FREE Android unlock included
19,90 € 0.4 Supreme credits * 4.80 - 5.90 € **
1 Year License
Unlimited FREE Android unlocking included
72,20 € 0 Supreme credits * 0 €

+ Samsung Android phones doesn't requires additional payment, nor Supreme credits.
* Price 0.4 Supreme credits applies only to those, who purchase new license or any amount of Supreme credits. Until then prices 0.85/0.7 will be applied.
** Final price depends on credit quantity purchased.

Android unlock Omnius licenses

Android unlock Omnius licenses can be used to perform specified count of Android unlocks and support operations on both SE and Samsung phones. All unlocks and supported operations can be performed only during the license duration.

License name Purchase price Android unlocks included Duration
Android Single Unlock 7,90 € 1 unlock 1 day
Android 5 Unlock 60,00 € 5 unlocks 1 month
Android 20 Unlock 89,50 € 20 unlocks 6 months
Android 50 Unlock 150,00 € 50 unlocks 1 year
List of all features included in each license can be found here.

Android unlocks

To perform unlocks of Sony Ericsson Android phones (QSD8250, MSM7227, MSM7x30) you can use:

  • 1 Day license - Each unlock of Android phone requires 0.85 Supreme credits
  • 1 Month license * - Includes unlock of 1 Android phones for free and the remaining unlocks requires 0.4 Supreme credits
  • 1 Year license * - Includes unlock of 5 Android phones for free and the remaining unlocks requires 0.3 Supreme credits
  • Android Single Unlock license - Include unlock of 1 Android phone
  • Android 5 Unlock license - Includes unlocks of 5 Android phones
  • Android 20 Unlock license - Includes unlocks of 20 Android phones
  • Android 50 Unlock license - Includes unlocks of 50 Android phones

* Free unlocks does not apply to licenses added as bonus to 5+/15+ Supreme credit purchase


If you would like to order a larger quantity of Unlocks for SE Android phones supported by Omnius, you can contact us and offer request offer here.

Supreme credit prices

Min quantity Max quantity Price / 1 credit
0 Supreme credits 1,6 Supreme credits 14,75 €
1,6 Supreme credits 3 Supreme credits 14,50 €
3 Supreme credits 4 Supreme credits 14,00 €
5 Supreme credits 9 Supreme credits 12,00 €
10 Supreme credits 19 Supreme credits 11,00 €
20 Supreme credits 49 Supreme credits 10,75 €
50 Supreme credits 99 Supreme credits 10,50 €
100 Supreme credits 249 Supreme credits 10,00 €
more Supreme credits - price on demand

If you purchase Supreme credits as a new user, you can receive aditional bonuses:

  • If you purchase 5-14 Supreme credits for a new Omnius user account, you will receive 1 Month License for free.
  • If you purchase 15 or more Supreme credits for a new Omnius user account, you will receive 1 Year License for free (bonus 1 Year license does not containt 2 free Android unlocks).

Buy Omnius license

Recommended cable (box)

You'll need some kind of cable (box) to connect the phone wth the computer. Some phones are just fine with an USB cable supplied with the phone. Check out what cable options are there for your phone. We offer you UC20 Box, which is a nice option for many phones.

UC-20 Serial & Test Point cable - 19,00 €

  • UC-20UC-20 is a communication cable with special TP cable features
  • TestPoint cable is duplex so the data are put to the cable only when the cable is correctly connected to the circuit board. This is automatically detected and prevents from damage of circuits.
  • Best quality and features serial communication device on the market