Your task as resellers is to purchase time licenses for clients. To fulfill this you need to buy credits which are used to purchase licenses.

You can buy credits from us or any other reseller. Each purchase you do, must be at least 50 Supreme credits. The more credits you buy, the better price you get and the more you profit. To provide time licenses to clients you will use reseller webpage.

You can contact us to became official reseller. If you became one you will receive quantity rebates. Current list of our official resellers can be found here.

Supreme credits prices

Minimal quantity Maximal quantity Price per credit
50 Supremes 100 Supremes 10,50 €
100 Supremes 250 Supremes 10,00 €
250 Supremes 500 Supremes 9,50 €
500 Supremes or more on demand

Quantity = quantity of credits purchased.

Tips for resellers

We collected few tips to help you improve your webpage and to satisfy more customers.

  • Create and provide us with link, which offers Omnius licenses directly

    This could be a page for Omnius licenses only, or it could be a product detail/category page in your e-shop. This will ease users orientation on your webpage.

  • Use Omnius graphics from graphics pack

    This will ease users orientation on your webpage.

  • Sell all Omnius license alternatives on one page, or in one e-shop product category

    This allows users to make a better choise, this can be a benefit for you too.

  • Add information about how it works and supported phones

    This will lower client complaints about unlocks on not supported phones, etc.

  • Give alternative to use new / existing account

    Clients with existing account can use it again.

  • Offer reseller accounts

    This will help you to enlarge your customer network.

  • Automatize as much as you can

    This will decrease delivery time to clients. If you want fully automated purchase system and you are willing and able to impelement your part, contact us and we can discuss details.

  • Advertise

    Use any way of free or paid advertisement to increase count of your customers.