Free gifts for users and resellers
Omnius Team proudly presents new bonuses you will receive after purchasing a license or Supreme credits. Here is the list:

Bonus for everybody
  • Starting today: Two (2) Android unlocks will be included as a bonus in every 1 Year Omnius license purchased from now.

Bonuses for new customers
  • Purchase 5 - 15 Supreme credits
    Receive bonus: Omnius 1 Month license (for free)

  • Purchase 15 or more Supreme credits
    Receive bonus: Omnius 1 Year license (for free)

Reseller bonus
  • Every reseller who purchase Supreme Credits from a Global Distributor will get Omnius 1 Year license for every 100 credits purchased. Licenses will appear on the stock automatically with credits transfer and you can sell it ;).

Supreme credit price table

more - on demand

No prices were changed, only the bonuses appeared :)

Omnius team