Omnius for Samsung v0.03 Released

Omnius for Samsung v0.03 (13th May 2011)

  • Added support for non-jtag repairing Micron-based S5230 phones with damaged boot sector
  • Action logs are automatically saved now

The procedure is as follows:
  • Run Omnius for Samsung version 0.03 or later
  • Select S5230 as the phone type
  • Click Advanced
  • Select the action Enter mode for repair
  • Select proper connection method and click OK
  • Follow Instructions from the action window
  • Pay attention to the yellow bar that will appear
  • The application will connect to the server and after few moments your phone should display "OMNIUS MODE FOR REPAIR"
  • Disconnect phone from the cable, leave battery in the phone
  • Phone is now in flash mode and will allow flashing original S5230 flash files via ordinary USB cable
  • Now just reflash your phone with proper (compatible) firmware

Valid Omnius license is required.