Omnius v0.03 released

Version 0.03 (31st May 2010)

  • Added S1 QSD8250 (X10) flashing
  • Added S1 QSD8250 gesture lock reset
  • Added S1 MSM7227 (X10 mini) identify, backup TA and restore TA support
  • Added A1 DB2020 GDFS backup support
  • Reworked A2 DB3xxx default customization
  • Reworked A1 DB2020 default customization
  • Fixed bug in A2 DB3210 'E800 CID53 unlock
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with sending recovery loader to A1 DB2020
  • A1 DB2020 unlock should refuse booting via EROM
  • S1 QSD8250 restore TA is now able to write large units
  • Updated Indonesian translation
  • Some Russian translation fixes