Omnius for SE v0.21 released

Version 0.21 (8th August 2011)

  • Added unlocking of S1 QSD8250 phones, i.e. Xperia X10 (Android OS from v2.0 to v2.2 is supported ATM)
  • Added permanent rooting of Android OS phones (Android OS from v1.5 to v2.2 is supported ATM)
  • Added support for flashing FTF files
  • Added support for flashing S1 MSM7X30 phones
  • Added support for Xperia Active and Xperia Ray phones
  • S1 MSM7X30 Identify now displays the rooting status
  • Minor changes to S1 QSD8250, S1 MSM7227, S1 MSM7X30 and S1 PNX6513 flash operations
  • Corrected minor issue with S1 color identification
  • Got rid of the issue with mangled action log files
  • Added ADB drivers for sa0101 and sa0102 phone groups
    The rooting of Android OS phones is for everybody FOR FREE. No license & No credits needed. Only a valid registration.

Every unlock of Xperia X10 (QSD8520) requires 0.85 supreme credits.

Credits can be purchased from any reseller listed here:

Supreme Credits pricelist

more - on demand


To unlock Xperia X10 you need:

  • Full or Unlock Omnius license
  • at least 0.85 supreme credit on the account
  • Android OS versions from v2.0 to v2.2 (v1.6 and v2.3 are not supported, perform upgrade/downgrade by flashing)
  • Read the Xperia X10 (QSD8250) unlock instrucions.

Warning: Full or Flash Omnius license is required for downgrading/upgrading android version (due to compatibily with unlock)

Note: X10 mini, X10 mini pro and other models will be supported soon.

We hope you enjoy our new release.