Omnius for SE v0.23 released

Version 0.23 (30th August 2011)

  • Added unlocking of S1 MSM7x30 GSM/UMTS phones (testpoint connection to GND is required)
  • Added bootloader unlocking for S1 MSM7x30 phones
  • Rooting process slightly changed

The S1 MSM7x30 platform includes the following phones:

  • Live With WalkmanTM (WT19)
  • XperiaTM Active (ST17)
  • XperiaTM Arc (LT15)
  • XperiaTM Mini (ST15)
  • XperiaTM Mini Pro (SK17)
  • XperiaTM Neo (MT15)
  • XperiaTM Neo V (MT11)
  • XperiaTM Play (R800)
  • XperiaTM Pro (MK16)
  • XperiaTM Ray (ST18)

The unlock requires one of the following:

  • Active Omnius license + 0.85 supreme credit per 1 unlock
  • Android Single Unlock license per 1 unlock (no extra credit needed)

Note: The TestPoint picture will be displayed in the application itself.

Credits can be purchased from any reseller listed here:

More updates comming soon ...