If you are new to the subject, you're in the right place.

What will you learn here?

  • Where to seek all the useful information - about Omnius, its operations, supported phones...
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to proceed if you want to perform an operation on your mobile phone
  • What else you can find on our pages
What do you need to know before start and where to seek it?

Omnius is a very simple, intuitive, and reliable service tool for your mobile phone. You simply register, download the application and it's ready for use.

You can even use your Supreme Credit account from http://www.ultimate-unlocker.com applications. If you already have this account you don't need to register.

More information about Omnius application can be found here.

  1. As first you should understand the available operations and their impact on your phone. Full operation list is described here. You should also check, whether requested operation is supported for your mobile phone.

  2. There are some system and cable requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to work with Omnius. You will find them here.

  3. Now you have all the information on what operation you want to perform and what hardware and software you need.

  4. If you wish to perform any paid operation, you need to purchase time license first. You first should check list of paid operations and time license prices. Afterwards you can order time license from one of our official resellers. Each license can be purchased for any existing account, or you can ask your reseller to create you a new one.

    If you wish to perform only free operations, register via our website to use Omnius server and also to access the support area.

  5. You should be fully equipped to start maintaining your favourite mobile phone, right? Please follow these step-by-step instructions:

    1. Start the Omnius application
    2. Input your username and password in the Settings (you received it by mail after correct registration)
    3. Choose the phone model (in the upper left corner of the application)
    4. Choose the desired operation (Identify, Flash, Unlock, Advanced, etc.)
    5. Follow the instructions in the Operation window
  6. Well done!

    You managed to perform the operation all on your own (thanks to your skills and our guide). There are a few more things you may be interested in when browsing our pages:

    • You can learn something about the mobile phones from our Glossary.
    • It's recommended to visit Support Zone and the FAQs and from time to time to check News to stay in touch.
    • Check out the official forum for interesting reviews or share your own experience with other users.
    • You can even contribute to our software with your programming or translating skills. Find out how.
We wish you a lot of successful maintanance work and don't forget...You're gonna love it :)